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January 25, 2019



Where reliability, low cost and customer service come together
at a lightning pace.

Stat Overnight (STAT) provides overnight and courier delivery services. Originally specializing in courier deliveries in the DFW area, STAT now focuses on overnight deliveries to pursue larger volume customers in several markets including DFW, Houston, Austin, College Station, San Antonio, Phoenix, Tyler, Oklahoma City, and St. Louis. Our current customers have requested that we open markets in Denver, Memphis, Las Vegas, and Miami.



What Makes STAT Unique?

STAT was formed for the express purpose of facilitating medical/pharma delivery because we recognized the need for a delivery company that focused in this area. Larger delivery companies are not specifically designed or equipped to handle some of the specific needs that are often associated with pharmaceutical deliveries.

In the 4th quarter of 2012, STAT began focusing on the pharmacy industry, delivering scripts directly from pharmacies to their customers.

We currently handle delivery volumes ranging anywhere from five to 1000 deliveries per day, per pharmacy. Our delivery model is the most cost-effective, proven way to get your package from A to B.

We offer considerable discounts over our largest competitors while providing better, more personal customer service to you and your customers.

Visit our website for more information: 

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