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April 25, 2018



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You’ve spent an hour or more painstakingly tailoring your resume. You researched the facility, learned everything you could about the role, and perfectly optimized your resume for the job description. You click “Apply Now” and upload your resume. Done, right? Not so fast! Now re-enter your name and contact information. Re-enter every single job title, employment date, and qualification from your work history. Re-enter your education info. Answer a questionnaire while you’re at it.

You’ve now sunk an entire evening into a single job application and are wondering why the resume was necessary at all. Why are hiring companies torturing applicants like this?

Why Companies Make You Re-Enter Resume Information

Believe it or not, one of the reasons online applications are set up this way for the applicants’ benefit.

Some applicant tracking systems (ATS) automatically parse your uploaded resume into a digital candidate profile that can be searched or filtered by recruiters. Unfortunately, systems that rely on parsing tend to let highly qualified candidates slip through the cracks. For example, if your resume isn’t ATS-friendly (more on that later!), critical information might not be parsed correctly. This could cause you to be overlooked when a recruiter runs a keyword search for a skill that is on your resume.

When a company configures their ATS to receive your resume then asks for all that same information via text input fields, they’re avoiding some of the problems associated with resume parsing. The resume you uploaded will be used if a recruiter wants to give it a once-over or print it out. The information you manually input into the system will be used for searches and other ranking algorithms.

In some cases, this redundancy may simply be the result of a poorly configured recruitment process or a necessity of corporate process and bureaucracy. Nevertheless, assuming that it’s intentional and taking text fields seriously could provide a big boost to your application.

Do Not Write “See Resume”

After you’ve already invested so much time into creating the perfect resume, re-entering all the info might seem like a bridge too far. It’s easy to fall into “see resume” mode.

Just know that “see resume” and similar responses could be death to your application. By punting these fields, you’re counting on a recruiter to manually sift through all their (potentially hundreds of) applicants, click on yours, and decide to read your upload.

That’s not typically how recruiters operate. Often, they search for skills and keywords to narrow down their applicant pool before looking at any resumes. Unless they search for “see resume,” you’re out of luck.

Take Text Fields Seriously

At a bare minimum, paste in the information from your optimized resume.

You might also gain an advantage over other applicants by beefing up application text fields beyond what’s in your resume. If you were struggling to fit all your qualifications or resume keywords onto a single-page resume, use these supplemental sections to expand upon your experience. This could help you come up for additional search terms.

Challenge Accepted

Remember, if an application feels arduous or overwhelming to you, other applicants are feeling the same way. Many will have abandoned their application and others might be phoning it in with “see resume” responses. Giving your full attention to redundant fields can be enough to get your resume to the top of the stack.

Need help achieving that perfect ATS-friendly resume/CV? Would you like a no-cost review?

We have an amazing and gifted resume writer who, in addition to being an expert in the field of writers, also just happens to be a Pharmacist as well! Her name is Susan Stanley, PharmD, and she has years of experience as a Pharmacist too. She is also a Certified Resume Writer and is specializing in resumes and CVs just for pharmacy professionals. Susan is offering a significant discount (up to 30%) to PharmacyWeek members. If you are interested in a no-cost review, or are ready for a re-write now, please email me your resume/CV at and I will get it to Susan or please see Susan’s ad below.

Be sure and use discount code PWKMRF18 when you contact Susan. Again, there is no cost for her to review what you have and for her to give you her opinion.

In the market for a new job?

If you are in the market for an amazing new job please be sure and check out the 22,000+ jobs on our website at! We’re averaging 3,000+ new jobs each week and we refresh jobs daily. Tell your friends too!!

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Our LinkedIn and Facebook groups just continue to grow rapidly and now exceed 340,000 members. If you want to laugh (or at least smile!) please “Like” our Facebook group. If you would like a more serious side of pharmacy, more discussion and our latest job posts, please join our LinkedIn group. Please feel free to spread the word too!!

We update the following employer’s openings each week so be sure and check out their latest available positions. Unless otherwise noted these employers have openings in multiple states so be sure and search on the state and/or job title you are most interested in. If you have any questions just let me know.

Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA)
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Acer Innovation
All Children’s Hospital
Baptist Hospital of South Florida
Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)
Boston Medical Center
Cameron and Company, Inc.
CareerStaff Rx
Central Admixture Pharmacy Services
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS)
Confluence Health
Cox Health
CVS Health
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems (EMHS)
Express Scripts
Froedtert Health
Genoa Healthcare
Greenville Health System
Intermountain Healthcare (UT and SE ID)
Jackson Pharmacy Professionals
JFK Medical Center
Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic
Lahey Health
Lee Health
Marshfield Clinic Health System
Memorial Healthcare System
Mission Health
Navitus Health Solutions
OnePoint Patient Care
Pharmacist Moms Group
Pharmacy Systems, Inc.
Pharmapreneur Academy
PHI Pharmacy
ProHealth Care
Providence Health & Services
RPh Professional Search
Rx relief
Samaritan Health Services
Script N Go
Sentara (SE VA and NE NC)
Skagit Regional Health
Soleo Health
The Happy PharmD Summit
The Investing Tutor
UC Davis Health
UCLA Health
University of Utah
Veterans Administration
Walgreens – Central Pharmacy Operations

I hope everyone has a great week! You can always reach me at my email or cell number below, thanks!!

Kevin Mero
cell: 210 872-6160

P.S. As of today we have 22,000+ Pharmacy jobs at! We now have more pharmacy jobs than LinkedIn and Indeed COMBINED!!


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