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3 Reasons You Should Pursue a MHA Degree

December 21, 2017

3 Reasons You Should Pursue a MHA Degree

Enrollment in masters of health administration programs have been growing even as enrollment in Masters of Business Administration programs have been on the decline. This trend has been observed nationwide. Here are three reasons you should pursue a MHA degree. We’ll also explain your options if you’re considering earning this masters’ degree.

High Demand

It is arguable that the 2007-2008 financial collapse was due to brilliant MBA holders from elite schools creating an entire class of financial products based on the erroneous assumption that the average value of real estate could not go down, though the Great Depression in the U.S. and other national recessions proved that untrue.

In other industries, talented MBAs with no experience in the particular area followed standard practices to inflate the value of businesses, cut staff numbers, boost profits and make money for shareholders in the long term. However, these stock methods for generating shareholder value or profits short term destroyed many businesses over the long term.

This has led to businesses devaluing the general MBA in favor of specialized degrees applicable to that particular profession. For example, more hospitals, doctor’s offices and insurers are hiring those who’ve earned an online MHA degree that taught them about how to meet healthcare industry regulations over candidates with a more generic MBA. And healthcare providers are preferring those with an MHA degree over the traditional practice of promoting the senior doctor or nurse to management. However, if you have a medical degree, earning an MHA puts you on the fast track to healthcare administration.

A Broad but Defined Career Path

If you have a business degree and want to move into healthcare, completing an online MHA program allows you to step into a medical clinic, physical rehab facility, medical insurance office, healthcare coop or any other businesses. You’ll be equally qualified to manage the billing and collections department of a hospital and wrangling with insurers for coverage at a pediatric clinic; you’ll be able to work for a dental office or pharmacy. An online MHA degree essentially allows you to work in any medical office while giving you the potential of moving up from back office manager to head of the hospital or service network.

The Ability to Work Anywhere

With an MHA degree, you could work as the shift manager at a hospital, take over the back office of a doctor’s office, or supervise the local nephrology clinic. Or you could move into benefits administration for any business, handling their health insurance and wellness program. Another possible career path is working in the benefits administration for various governmental entities, whether you’re managing a medical charity or administering the health plan for the school district.


MHA graduates are seeing strong demand for their skills because they are seen as more valuable than MBAs while the increasing bureaucratization of healthcare makes experts essential. They also give you the chance to work in almost any geographic area and offers those with generic business degrees a way to enter the healthcare sector and instant route to promotion for those working in medicine today.


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