Career-long Concierge Service

Effective Immediately!  We regret that due to the overwhelming number of pharmacy professionals seeking assistance through our free, career-long Concierge service we are only able to help those with health-system’s experience and looking for a management, specialty or IT/IS positions.
We soon anticipate being able to assist those that do not fit the above profile so please feel free to email your resume/CV to and we will follow-up as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
210 872-6160

We are putting the ‘human’ back into human resources with PharmacyWeek’s career-long Concierge Service! In conversations with your peers, they tell me they are tired of getting lost on job boards and applicant tracking systems. All they want is the opportunity to speak directly with the pharmacy employers about their CV and experiences.  My hunch is that you feel the same way too!

Here are a few of the benefits our Concierge members are currently enjoying:

  • Instant networking opportunities with pharmacy employers for job openings in your desired location and work setting
  • Instant job opening notifications
  • Resume/CV and Cover Letter critiques and “Best of Practice” guidelines
  • Interview and Salary Negotiation Preparation

The best part: The Concierge service is a FREE service to all pharmacy professionals.  Tell us what you want, where you want it and whether you want a full-time, part-time or temporary position!  We will help you connect with matching pharmacy employers.

I encourage you to contact me for more information about this service. We will discuss your current employment situation and what is of most importance as you consider your next move.

I look forward to working with you, please contact me at or my cell # 210 872-6160.

Kevin Mero

Phone: 608.828.4400
Cell: 210.872.6160