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November 21, 2017



Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek!

Resume writing is (so. motherloving.) hard, even for those navigating the most straightforward of circumstances. It can be downright confounding when you’re pivoting into a new industry or role.

How do you ensure that your messaging aligns with your new goal? How do you compete with people who will surely make perfect sense on paper? (Don’t you just hate those people?)

These are important questions because, in the initial scanning stage of recruitment, no one cares if you’re super trainable or one heck of a nice guy or gal. No one is going to connect the dots between “what you’ve done” and “what you want to do” and make deductions on your behalf.

They just want to see how you make sense.

How do you pull this off? How do you show the gatekeepers that, even if you haven’t spent 20-leven years doing that thing you want to do in your next job, that you’re still going to be amazzzzzing at it?

There are actually a number of strategies you can (and should) deploy when you’re working to attract a new audience and land in a new career field. Here are a few important ones.

4 ways to shift your resume/CV when shifting careers:

1. Use Your Summary to Your Best Advantage

First, if you don’t have a Summary at the very top of your resume/CV, drop everything and create one. This is, arguably, the most valuable real estate of your entire resume. This is the section that the reviewer sees first. It’s the section that enables you to spell out very quickly and succinctly who you are, and in what you specialize.

You should construct your Summary with your next job or employer top-of-mind. Study job descriptions that interest you and figure out what they want or need you to be good at. Assuming you are good at those things, make that crystal clear in the Summary section.

You can also create a bullet point within your Summary that shows how your experience, skills and aspirations all add up to make you an incredibly relevant candidate for that new field … even if your career history doesn’t make this super obvious at face. Again, it’s your job to connect the dots for the reviewer on how you make sense. You have a perfect opportunity to do this in your Summary section.

Need help crafting a Summary (or a completely new resume/CV)? Right HERE.

2. Highlight Any Directly Relevant Stuff You’re Doing

Let’s say you’re in retail pharmacy as a Pharmacist or Tech. You’ve also been working as a volunteer for a health-system that means the world to you. It’s an intense, but highly rewarding role — and it’s one that’s made you realize that you’d really, truly love to work in a health-system as your day job. How do you handle this on your resume?

I’d strongly consider listing the volunteer position right in your Professional Experience section, as if it were a paying job. There’s nothing unethical about listing a job that you do for free as a job. It’s especially OK when you need it to show the reviewer how and why you line up for the health-system jobs that you start pursuing.

Let’s face it, few are going to hire a retail-only pharmacy professional … unless they can see right up front that you’ve actually been doing this work.

3. If Advantageous, Pull Your Education to the Top

Here’s another great example: What if you are that same retail pharmacy professional, but this time you’re hell bent on becoming a Medical Science Liaison or a Medication Reconciliation Tech (Crazier things have happened, people. Stay with me on this.) So, you’ve gone back and completed your MSL training program or you’ve completed your Medication Reconciliation Technician Competency Program and now you’re ready to start actively pursuing MSL or MRT roles.

What do you do now, assuming you don’t yet have any direct MSL or MRT experience?

Pull the Education section up before the Professional Experience section. This way, the reviewer sees right away that you’ve got a fresh training. It’ll make a lot more sense to them that you’re applying for MSL or MRT roles if they see your program training and education before they jump right into the retail pharmacist or tech stuff about you.

4. Don’t Rely 100% on the Resume

You read that correctly. Certainly, you need to do everything you can to make yourself make sense on paper when changing jobs. However, when you’re embarking on a big change, you simply can’t count on the resume to pull the entire weight of your job search. You may very well need the opportunity to sit down with a decision maker and say flat out, “I know you might be wondering why a retail pharmacy professional is applying for your MSL (or MRT) role. Allow me to explain…”

Given this, I encourage every career pivoter to place a strong emphasis on proactive outreach and networking as part of your overall strategy. The more opportunities you have to sit down directly with influencers in your desired field, or at employers of direct interest, the better.

Nail the resume. Nail the networking.

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Pharmacist Demand Indicator

PDI by State
PDI by Region
PDI by Setting

The Pharmacist Demand Indicator (PDI) reports perceptions of the demand for pharmacists among a panel of individuals that participate in the hiring of pharmacists on a direct and regular basis.

National Pharmacist Demand
Average Response
Quarter 3, 2017

Overall PDI Generalist/Staff Managers Specialized
Unweighted 2.68 3.16 2.69
Population Adjusted 2.68 3.10 2.74
Response Weighted 2.81 3.06 2.79
  • The unweighted value is the simple average of each state average rating for panelists reporting.
  • The population-adjusted (weighted) value is the aggregation of each state-level average rating from panelists weighted by the State population, based on the 2011 Census.
  • The response weighted value reflects the average when the number of responses across the states varied.


Demand Categories

5. High demand; difficult to fill open positions

4. Moderate demand; some difficulty filling open positions

3. Demand in balance with supply

2. Demand is less than the pharmacist supply available

1. Demand is much less than the pharmacist supply available

We update the following employer’s openings each week so be sure and check out their latest available positions. Unless otherwise noted these employers have openings in multiple states so be sure and search on the state and/or job title you are most interested in. If you have any questions just let me know.

Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA)
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
All Children’s Hospital
Baptist Hospital of South Florida
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Boston Medical Center
Cameron and Company, Inc.
CareerStaff Rx
Central Admixture Pharmacy Services
Commonwealth Health Corporation
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS)
Cox Health
CVS Health
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems (EMHS)
Express Scripts
Froedtert Health
Genoa, A QoL Healthcare Company
Greenville Health System
Intermountain Healthcare (UT and SE ID)
Jackson Pharmacy Professionals
JFK Medical Center
Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Lahey Health
Navitus Health Solutions
OnePoint Patient Care
Pharmacy Systems, Inc.
Pharmapreneur Academy
PHI Pharmacy
Preferred Homecare
Premier, Inc.
Providence Health & Services
RPh Professional Search
Samaritan Health Services
Script N Go
Sentara (SE VA and NE NC)
Skagit Regional Health
Soleo Health
St Helena Hospital Napa Valley
Tahoe Forest Hospital District
The Queen’s Medical Center
UCLA Health
University of Utah
Veterans Administration
Walgreens – Central Pharmacy Operations

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