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October 26, 2016


Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek!

Launching a job search in a new setting, specialty, or industry — one in which you have few contacts — can feel a lot like being the new kid at school: nobody knows who you are, striking up friendships feels awkward (at best) and, on top of it all, there’s a giant pile of homework to contend with.

It all adds up to a lot of ‘yuck’

But if you really want to break into that sector, you’ve pretty much got two choices:

  1. Buck up and find a way to forge new connections, or
  2. Give up

I vote for buck up, every time.

Building and nurturing industry contacts is extremely helpful – both during your search and once you’ve landed your next gig. Whether it’s via LinkedIn, through a coworker, or a friend-of-a-friend, having someone to communicate with, learn from, or enlist for support is critical when you’re looking to pivot your career.

So how do you tackle this assignment when you’re switching settings/industries and your list of insider acquaintances and confidants adds up to a big fat zero?

First and foremost, do not panic. And don’t throw up your hands and assume it’s hopeless.

Instead, consider leveraging these tools as means to forge valuable connections with people in a setting of interest (or, even your current setting if you’ve done little to branch out in recent years)


Twitter’s not just for millennials and celebrities. It’s also an incredibly helpful, interactive site for active job seekers, and all professionals (especially when you’re working to build thought leadership.) You can begin by following PharmacyWeek

What, specifically, can you do on Twitter?

First, find and follow the leaders in your industry. But don’t stop there. Make sure you retweet their best posts, reply with thoughtful questions, or perhaps even send them a quick direct message to establish contact.

A word of Twitter caution: there is a fine line between “attentive and interested Twitter follower” and “overzealous weirdo.” Don’t be the creeper. Stay on the safe side of the line, sharing your enthusiasm and making your interests clear without ‘over-Twittering.’

Conferences and Trade Shows

It seems there’s a conference for every setting and/or specialty.

Bottom line? There’s an amazingly high chance the setting or specialty you’re targeting has at least one annual conference. It probably has several. If you play it right, these events can provide fantastic opportunities for attendees to meet new people — people who are influencers in the very specialty you’re targeting.

Your goal at these events? Go to as many sessions or workshops as you can, ask thoughtful questions, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself as a newbie. This status may actually work to your advantage, as professionals are usually happy to help out “the new person” with pointers and introductions.

LinkedIn (of course)

Assuming you already have a solid LinkedIn profile (and, if not, we can help you remedy that situation), tap into this resource big time when you’re working to build out contacts in a new setting or specialty.

Join groups related to your areas of career interest (you can start again with PharmacyWeek). Let your current network know of your interest in changing jobs (if you are in a position to do so). Remember, your existing contacts are a great place to start in order to build new ones. It’s like low-hanging fruit. Tap into the resources you have and build out from there. You’ll likely discover you have current friends and contacts who can put you in touch with others who may be useful in guiding you into your next role.

Networking Letters

Most often, your friends, family members and professional contacts will be more than willing to support you as you work to meet people in a new setting, specialty, or industry and transition your career. But they can’t possibly do this if they have no idea what kind of help you need, or what types of people you’d like to meet.

This is where the networking letter comes in — a friendly, concise letter sent out to your friends and professional contacts that spells out exactly what you want to do (often, even our close friends don’t really know what we do at work all day). In a networking letter, you can share what you want to do, what skills you want to put to use and — if you know them — some sample job titles that would align with what you’re seeking.

In short, give people a concrete picture of what you’re aiming for. And then follow it up with a direct, polite request for an introduction to anyone that they feel might be helpful to you in your search.

(And, of course, end this letter with an offer to return the favor if you may!)

Professional Associations

Just like a club but for adult professionals, a professional association is the perfect place to meet like-minded individuals in your field of interest (or, again, maybe your current field). They also typically provide plenty of opportunities to get involved in a group setting. (Read: Less scary or daunting than a one-on-one setting).

Not only is this a great way to make contacts, it also gives you access to a bunch of local people, which can be super helpful if you hope or plan to stay in our current area. Sure, your brother-in-law in Kansas who works in the field you’re trying to break into is a great person to chat with, but local people may be your ticket into a specific organization in your own hometown.

Urban dwellers, you’re at an advantage here. At, you can find groups (of every flavor) meeting socially, or to discuss specific professional topics. These events tend to be easygoing in nature, which can be really helpful for anyone who may feel intimidated by the full-on professional events (e.g. conferences or association meetings).

Look for Meetups tied in some way to your specific industry or interests, and make an effort to attend and participate. Participating is crucial: you want to appear (right out of the gates) as someone who is passionate, enthusiastic and engaged in whatever field you’re eyeing. This will make contacts more likely to remember you after the event, and (with luck) go out of their way to help you break into the field.

The Bottom Line

Wherever you are at professionally, and wherever you are attempting to go, the bottom line is this — Fortune favors the bold. And, yes. It’s often not what you know, it’s who you know. This is not a platitude in many cases.

Given this, it will truly benefit you to go about establishing new connections in a relatively fearless, extroverted manner (even if you’re a textbook introvert). Find a way that works for you, of course. But find a way. Job search is not the time to be shy and hold back with your networking.

The good news? For every person who ignores you, you’ll likely have at least three who don’t. And one of those three? May be the linchpin to your future success.

So what do you have to lose?

I had a great conversation with Professor David Kreling of the Aggregate Demand Index. Professor Kreling informed me that there is a major overhaul coming to the Aggregate Demand Index which he hopes will be live by mid-November. The new data coming will jump from its current March, 2016 month to September. Going forward the Index will be undergoing a name change as well as a switch from monthly to quarterly results. We’ll release current metrics just as soon we receive them.

Do you want to know the demand (or surplus) for Pharmacists by State, Region, or Setting? Want to know what’s trending? Ever hear of the Aggregate Demand Index?

Remember When: You first heard the pharmacy school question?

If you’re a pharmacist, you’ve undoubtedly heard the question, Are there too many pharmacy schools? Drug Topics addressed it in their June 2009 cover story, “Betting on the pharmacy boom, building the future.”

NACDS supports pilot of new pharmacy practice model

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores, in partnership with the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin, announced plans to move forward with a new practice model to improve patient access to quality and efficient care, and advance pharmacy in a broader healthcare setting.

The Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (CGP) Credential to Move to the Board of Pharmacy Specialties

CGP Credential to Move to Board of Pharmacy Specialties

Survey Shows Three-Quarters of Americans Would Seek Out a Pharmacy Where Pharmacy Technicians are Certified

Americans Value Certification and Expect Pharmacy Technicians To Be Certified

Right after I posted my last blog LinkedIn unveiled its top skills to get you hired in 2017. This list is a very important one for job seekers – especially for those with technical skills! In fact, all the top 10 skills globally and in the US are in the technical realm.

Here are the top 10 LinkedIn Skills for the United States:


260,000+ Facebook Friends & Fans! Our Facebook page surpassed 260,000 friends and fans and we’re ecstatic!!

Our LinkedIn and Facebook groups just continue to grow rapidly and now exceed 310,000 members. If you want to laugh (or at least smile!) please “Like” our Facebook group. If you would like a more serious side of pharmacy, more discussion and our latest job posts, please join our LinkedIn group. Please feel free to spread the word too!!

We are really adding a LOT of new jobs lately, 1,000+ last week alone! You can see them all here but also please check out the following HOT ones. I would also appreciate you forwarding this email on to anyone who is looking for a new opportunity. Thank you very much!!

Welcome to the following new advertisers!

Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA)


St Joseph Health / Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA

SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, Jefferson City / Mexico, MO



Pharmacy Executive (West Coast), Vizient, Inc. (National – Virtual Office/Telecommute)

Clinical Pharmacist Educator Specialist/Cardiology, Pharmacy, 8A-4:30P, Baptist Hospital of Miami, FL

Clinical Coordinator – Pharmacist (Growth Hormone), Johns Hopkins Home Care Group, Baltimore, MD

Pharmacist – OnCall (Part-Time), Las Vegas, NV OnePoint Patient Care (Techs needed Tempe, Morton Grove & Miramar)

DOP’s (IN, MI, OH, PA), Pharmacy Systems, Inc.

Pharmacist-Emergency Services Dept, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, Portland, OR

DOP’s (Crookston & Carson City, MI / The Woodlands & Sugar Land, TX / Lafayette, LA) CPS

Regional Director, Pharmacy Services – Days/Full Time, SSM St Mary’s Hospital, Jefferson City / Mexico, MO

Clinical Pharmacist (Full & Part-time), Clinical Pharmacist Oncology & Clinical Pharmacy Supv, St Joseph Health, Santa Rosa, CA

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (Internal Medicine), Va Beach General, Virginia Beach, Va Sentara Healthcare, Virginia & North Carolina

Staff Pharmacist, Triad Isotopes (Orlando, FL / Warren, MI / St Louis, MO / Hicksville, NY)

40+ Pharmacy Tech & 35+ Pharmacist jobs, OptumRx (Various cities, National)



Pharmacy Quality Outcomes Specialist (Insurance Contracting And Audits), Gardena, CA  AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Pharmacy Nutrition Technician, All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Health System, St. Petersburg, FL

Pharmacy Automation Systems Coordinator, Inpatient Pharmacy, Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA

Pharmacy Tech II – Community Pharmacy 7on-7off, Primary Children’s Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT

Retail Pharmacy Technician (Full & Part-time), Mt Carmel St Anne’s, Westerville/Dublin, OH Cardinal Health

Pharmacy Trainer – Outpatient (Retail Pharmacy Tech), Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy, Baltimore, MD

Cert Tech & Pyxis Coord, Pharmacy, 40 Hours, Days, Lahey Health, Beverly, MA

40+ Pharmacy Tech & 35+ Pharmacist jobs, OptumRx (Various cities, National)

Clinical Pharmacy Technician Automation, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, San Diego, CA


Information Technology

Pharmacist – Informatics, Inpatient Pharmacy (40 Hrs, Days), Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA

Clinical Informatics Specialist – Business Intelligence, John Hopkins Medicine, Glen Burnie, MD

Clinical Applications Pharmacist, UCLA Health, Los Angeles, CA

Willow Analyst Level III – Pharmacist, Lahey Health, Burlington, MA

Pharmacy Specialist (IT), Sentara Independence, Virginia Beach, VA (10+ Pharmacist & 15+ Technician Jobs!)

Pharmacist – Information Technology, Valley Children’s Healthcare, Madera, CA (Fresno, San Jose)

Clinical Informatics Pharmacist, All Children’s Hospital, St Petersburg, FL (Tech & Pharmacist openings too!)

Pharmacy Informatics Manager, Remote/Nationwide

Informatics Nurse, ED/SJED And IP Pharmacy, University of Utah Health Care, Salt Lake City, UT

Business Information Analyst, Analytics, Navitus Health Solutions, Madison or Appleton, WI



Infusion Nurse, (AL, AZ, CA, DE, GA, IL, KS, MA, MI, NY, OH, PA, TX, WV) Full, Part-time & PRN,  Soleo Health (specialty home and alternate-site infusion services)

503B Tech Training Program Manager, Allentown, PA Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc. (CAPS)

Account Associate, Innovatix Specialty Pharmacy, Innovatix, New York, NY

Director Of Managed Markets (Remote/Home Based/Western Market), Soleo Health (Specialty home and alternate-site infusion services)

Senior Consultant – Specialty Pharmacy, Vizient, Inc. (National – Virtual Office/Telecommute)



NormaLyte (Get the Electrolytes & Hydration You or Your Child Needs. Created by Sam Lee, Pharmacist)



PharmDs interested in a Pharmaceutical Industry Career? 

Board Certification Program In Medical Affairs

We update the following employer’s openings each week so be sure and check out their latest available positions. Unless otherwise noted these employers have openings in multiple states so be sure and search on the state and/or job title you are most interested in. If you have any questions just let me know.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation
All Children’s Hospital
Baptist Hospital of South Florida
Boston Medical Center
CareerStaff Rx
Central Admixture Pharmacy Services
Centura Health
Commonwealth Health Corporation
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS)
Confluence Health
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems (EMHS)
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System
Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital
Froedtert Health
Genoa, A QoL Healthcare Company
Greenville Health System
Innovatix / GNYHA
Intermountain Healthcare (UT and SE ID)
Jackson Pharmacy Professionals
Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Lahey Health
Navitus Health Solutions
OnePoint Patient Care
Pharmacy Systems, Inc.
PHI Pharmacy
Providence Health & Services
RPh Professional Search
Saint Thomas Health
Samaritan Health Services
Script N Go
Sentara (SE VA and NE NC)
Skagit Regional Health
Soleo Health
Spectrum Health
St Helena Hospital Napa Valley
Swedish Medical Center
The Queen’s Medical Center
Triad Isotopes, Inc.
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland
UCLA Health
University of Utah
Veterans Administration

I hope everyone has a great week! You can always reach me at my email or cell number below, thanks!!

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