PharmacyThisWeek: The Weather, Your Resume & 141 New Jobs

October 13, 2015


Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek!

When you’re in an awkward small talk situation — even when it’s with someone you’re trying to impress — what do you talk about?

My money’s on the weather.

You talk about the stupid weather.

I will bet you $500 that, when pressed to make conversation with someone you don’t know well (or at all), the very first topic one of you will throw out is going to relate to current or pending weather conditions.

I feel absolutely safe in this bet because, through lengthy, non-scientific research, I’ve observed this very phenomenon over and over and over again.

Hell, I’ve participated in more than my fair share of this very conversation.

You: Hey, how about this crazy rain? We’re all going to have webbed feet soon!

Me : A ha haaaa (fake laughs)! No kidding! So much rain here, huh? It’s just crazy! Haaaa.

You: I hear it’s supposed to get sunny for the weekend, though. That’ll be great. TGIF.

Me: Oh, that’ll be great. I sure hope it gets sunny. Blah blahhh blahhh more stupid weather stuff blahhhhhh blah blahbitty blah.

The conversation, by the way? Is like 10 million forks across a plate to me. I experience the same tortured, “flight or flight” (that’s not a typo) reaction to it every single time I’m forced to endure the weather conversation.

Why such disdain? Am I antisocial at my core?

No, I am not. At least I don’t think I am. I truly enjoy meeting new people and enjoying interesting conversation with those around me.

I just hate the weather conversation, for three key reasons:

  1. It’s awkward, and staggeringly boring.
  2. It’s lazy, and tells me you aren’t really interested in firing up a true conversation with me.
  3. It cheats me out of the opportunity to get to know you.

This is also why I hate a lot of the resumes I see.

I hate them because they have clearly been constructed by people operating to ingrained (and faulty) cultural norms (“the way it’s always been done”), or by those who are simply living on autopilot.

They’re cliche and boring, much like the weather conversation.

And they fail to allow me to learn something new, interesting or amazing about that person.

Is your resume “the weather conversation?”

If it is, can you really be surprised if it’s not enticing people into genuine conversation (a.k.a. “enticing them to dial you up for an interview”)?

The reviewer doesn’t want to read a resume that says no more than “Hey, looks like we might get rain.”

She reviews so freaking many of this exact resume that she probably just tunes out (and dies a little inside) as she passes you right by in her stack of candidates.

Hiring managers, HR people, recruiters and HUMANS IN GENERAL want meat.

They want compelling.

They want memorable.

They want effort.

They want to have their socks knocked off.

They do not, on the other hand, want to endure a stack of weather conversations.

Be genuine. Be interesting. Stop the stupid small talk.

On your resume, in life.

Another great week for new Likes (1243!) on our Facebook page!  We’re now at 206,000+ and definitely appreciate all of your help so thanks!!

We added 141 new jobs last week! You can see them all here but also please check out the following ones. I would also appreciate you forwarding this email on to anyone who is looking for a new opportunity. Thank you very much!!

Administrative Director of Pharmacy Services, Houston area, Edge Group

Staff Pharmacist, Mishawaka, IN HomeTown Pharmacy (Southbend area)

Pharmacy Manager, Bangor, MI HomeTown Pharmacy (West of Kalamazoo)

Pharmacy Manager, Cass City, MI HomeTown Pharmacy (East of Bay City)

Pharmacoeconomic, Safety And Compliance Clinical Pharmacist, Physicians for Healthy Hospitals, Inc, Hemet, CA

Clinical Informatics Pharmacist, Physicians for Healthy Hospitals, Inc, Hemet, CA

Infectious Disease Clinical Pharmacist, Physicians for Healthy Hospitals, Inc, Hemet, CA

Clinical Manager Pharmacy (FT-Days), Valley Hospital Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV

Clinical Account Executive (Pharmacist), Navitus Health Solutions, Madison, WI

Clinical Prior Authorization Pharmacist, Navitus Health Solutions, Madison, WI


Pharmacy Tech (Nuclear) / Full Time Days, Saint Thomas West Plaza West, Nashville, TN

IV Tech, Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc. (CAPS), Boston (Woburn), MA

Pharmacy Techs – Full, Part-time & PRN, Centura Health (Denver, Littleton, Pueblo, Frisco, Castle Rock, Garden City)

Pharmacy Technician I, Navitus Health Solutions, Madison, WI

Provider Credentials Coordinator, Navitus Health Solutions, Appleton, WI

Process Manager, Pharmacy Network Client And Sales Support, Navitus Health Solutions, Madison, WI

Provider Services Specialist – Operations, Navitus Health Solutions, Madison, WI

Product / Service

Name-Brand Resumes & CV’s!

PHARMOVATIVE – Innovative Pharmacy Automation Solutions Company

Selling your pharmacy? Learn 3 rules that will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and fees.

We update the following employer’s openings each week so be sure and check out their latest available positions. Unless otherwise noted these employers have openings in multiple states so be sure and search on the state and/or job title you are most interested in. If you have any questions just let me know.

Boston Medical Center
Central Admixture Pharmacy Services
Centura Health
Cleveland Clinic
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS)
Eastern Maine Med Ctr
Epic Systems Corp
Genoa, A QoL Healthcare Company
Global Professional Consultants / RphFinder Inc.
Greenville Health Systems
Intermountain Healthcare (UT and SE ID)
Navitus Health Solutions
PharmaCare Services
PharmD On Demand
Pharmacy Systems, Inc.
PHI Pharmacy
Prime Therapeutics
Providence Health & Services
Sentara (SE VA and NE NC)
UCLA Health
Veterans Administration

I hope everyone has a great week, you can always reach me at my email or cell number below, thanks!

Kevin Mero
cell: 210 872-6160



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