PharmacyThisWeek: Words to Strike from Your Resume/CV, 172 New Jobs & 1013 Total Jobs!!

November 20, 2013

Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek!

If you have applied for a job recently, you have probably looked over that 8½  x 11” summary of your career more times than you can count, and tweaked it just as often, in pursuit of the perfect resume.

But before you add another bullet point, consider this: It’s not always about what you add in, the best changes you can make may lie in what you take out.

The average resume is chocked-full of sorely outdated, essentially meaningless phrases that take up valuable space on the page. Eliminate them, and you’ll come off as a better, more substantial candidate, and your resume won’t smack of that same generic, mind-numbing quality found on everyone else’s.

Every word on that page should be working hard to highlight your talents and skills. If it’s not, it should not be on there. So grab a pen, and banish these words from your resume for good.

Career Objective

Nearly every resume I have seen has a statement like this emblazoned top and center: “Career objective: To obtain a position as a [insert job title here] that leverages my skills and experience as well as provides a challenging environment that promotes growth.”

Yawn. This is not only boring, it’s ineffective, and sounds a little juvenile, to boot. The top of your resume is prime real estate, and it needs to grab a hiring manager’s attention with a list of your top accomplishments, not a summary of what you hope to get out of your next position. 


You can be “experienced” in something after you have done it once, or every day for the past 10 years. So drop this nebulous term and be specific. If, for example, you’re a Pharmacy Business Analyst, using a phrase such as “Experienced in developing reports” is both vague and redundant. But sharing that you “Created five customized weekly reports to analyze site and system operations activity” now that gives the reader a better idea of where exactly this so-called experience lies, with some actual results attached.

Also eliminate: seasoned, well-versed

Team Player

If you have ever created an online dating profile, you know that you don’t just say that you’re nice and funny, you craft a fun, witty profile that shows it. Same goes for your resume: It’s much more effective to list activities or accomplishments that portray your good qualities in action than to simply claim to have them.

Instead of “team player,” say “Led special project team of 6 to develop a new system for distributing reports that reduced the time for managers to receive reports by 25%.” Using a specific example, you show what you can actually accomplish. But simply labeling yourself with a quality? Not so much.

Also eliminate: people person, customer-focused


While resumes are meant to highlight your best attributes, some personality traits are better left to the hiring manager to decide upon for them self. There is a difference between appropriately and accurately describing your work skills and just tooting your own horn. Plus, even the most introverted wallflower will claim to be “dynamic” on a piece of paper because, well, why not? When it comes to resumes, keep the content quantifiable, show tangible results and successes, and wait until the interview to show off your “dynamism,” “enthusiasm,” or “energy.”

Also eliminate: energetic, enthusiastic

References Available Upon Request

All this phrase really does is take up valuable space. If a company wants to hire you, they will ask you for references, and they will assume that you have them. There is no need to address the obvious, and doing so might even make you look a little presumptuous! Use the space to give more details about your talents and accomplishments instead.

In a crummy job market with a record number of people applying for the same positions, it takes more than a list of desirable-sounding qualities to warrant an interview. Specific examples pack a punch, whereas anything too dependent on a list of buzzwords will sound just like everyone else’s cookie-cutter resume. So, give your resume a good once-over, and make sure every word on that page is working hard for you.

Last week was an unusually strong week for new jobs and we added 172 new ones! Lots of jobs must have gotten filled however as total jobs dropped to 1013, still a substantial amount though!! Here are just a few of the more interesting ones …


Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (CBOC), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Chillicothe/Athens, OH

In Need Of Qualified Staff? PharmaCare Services

DOP, Marshall Med Ctr South, Boaz, AL  Cardinal Health

Clinical Pharmacist (Inpatient, Evenings), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Dallas, TX

DOP (181-bed), Lake Havasu City, AZ  CPS

Outpatient Clinical Pharmacy Spec, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Syracuse, NY

DOP (30-bed Specialty + 37-bed LTAC), TX Spec Hosp & Llano Spec Hosp, Lubbock, TX  CPS

Clinical Pharmacy Spec (Infectious Disease), Citrus Valley Med Ctr, West Covina, CA (20 mi East of LA)

Clinical Pharmacy Spec (Medication Reconciliation, Spinal Coord Injury), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Cleveland, OH

Staff Pharmacist (Hem/Onc), Froedtert Health, Milwaukee, WI

Clinical Pharmacy Spec (Medication Reconciliation, Neurology, Post-Op, Rehab), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Cleveland, OH

Corporate DOP, Pharmacy Systems, Inc.


Pharmacy Technician (Controlled Substance), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Lexington, KY

Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Distribution Ctr, Tewsbury, MA  CPS

Pharmacy Technician (Procurement), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, San Antonio, TX

Pharmacy Technician (Inpatient I), Froedtert Health, Milwaukee, WI

Pharmacy Technician (Outpatient), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Boston, MA

Sr. Pharmacy Technician, Mountain Vista Med Ctr, Mesa, AZ  Cardinal Health

We did have our Fall 2013 Mercer Pharmacy Salary Survey Results Steering Committee call last Wednesday however as I am still waiting for some clarification on the results, I will forward when I receive. It should be sometime this week and sorry for the delay.

We update the following employer’s openings each week so be sure and check out their latest available positions. Unless otherwise noted these employers have openings in multiple states so be sure and search on the state and/or job title you are most interested in. If you have any questions just let me know.

Central Admixture Pharmacy Services
Centura Health
Cleveland Clinic
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS)
Froedtert Health
Intermountain Healthcare (UT and SE ID)
PharmaCare Services
Pharmacy Systems, Inc.
Sentara (SE VA and NE NC)
Veterans Administration

I hope everyone has a great and safe week, you can always reach me at my email or cell number below, thanks!

Kevin Mero
cell: 210 872-6160



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