PharmacyThisWeek: Letter from Kevin Mero - 39 New Jobs and 596 Total!

July 27, 2011

Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek!

It goes without saying that the Internet has become life-altering for many…but could you pass a social media background check?  Do you really know everything about your licenses, certifications, etc?  (More on that later!)

With the pharmacy shortage and the market intelligence available to HR departments today background checks using social media is playing a huge part in helping your next employer know a lot about you long before you ever get that interview.  I’m already seeing some next-gen stuff coming and it’s even more bizarre!

The next time you apply for a job, don’t be surprised if you have to agree to a social media background check. Many employers are now looking at your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other accounts and blogs, even YouTube, to paint a clearer picture of who you are. Remember too that once you put this info on the Net it’s now in the public domain and available for most anyone to view, or share!  You say you don’t have a FB, LI or TW account??  Ever had your picture taken by someone who does?  Well guess what, you’re probably somewhere on their account!

And now the Federal Trade Commission has decided that companies that research how you spend your personal time and what your passions and hobbies are do not violate your privacy.

Employers cannot legally make hiring decisions based on race, religion, marital status or disability. But they can make decisions based on whether or not they like your attitude or your ethics.

Some companies are mining photo and video-gathering sites using facial recognition software, just ask the crooks who were arrested at the Super Bowl this year!!

Make every effort to find out what’s out there and what’s being said about you. Anything that may be taken out of context should be taken down. Remember that bits and pieces of you are at a number of other sites, like LinkedIn, Craigslist or Foursquare, not to mention blogs, forums and wikis that you might visit. Maybe think twice before using Foursquare to tell your buddies exactly where you are!

How can PW help you with all of this?  Well we can’t actually manage your social media accounts but we can help to educate you and make you aware of what is coming.  We can also help you to manage your professional life though when it comes to your licenses and credentials by offering you a free Passport to ProviderTrust.  This is an extremely valuable tool and PW is paying the cost for all pharmacy professionals to have free access to it.  I encourage you to check it out and call me if you have any questions about how it works.

Job openings continue to be very strong.  We had 39 new openings last week and a total of 596 openings for the issue.  Please be sure and view our digital publication here.

The information on the web to correct the pharmacy shortage continues to fly but as this email is already long I will devote next weeks completely to that.

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That’s it, I hope your week is a great and safe one and you can always reach me at my email or cell number below!

Kevin Mero
cell: 210 872-6160

PharmacyWeek and ProviderTrust have teamed together to bring you a secure and convenient solution for storing, managing, verifying and sharing health care professionals’ credentials and related documentation.

As a Clinician you can shorten your on-boarding process by creating your FREE passport today. Finally, one safe, secure place to go to organize, track and ultimately share your credentials. As an Employer you can reduce risk and maintain a high level of compliance! Effortlessly verify and continuously monitor your current employees’ licenses and certificates.

As a member of PharmacyWeek we are providing this service to all clinicians at our expense. You can learn more about this new offering by clicking here .

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