Issue #2: Why Did Pharmacists Not Make the Top 100 Careers List?

January 11, 2011

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A Letter From Kevin

Why Did Pharmacists Not Make the Top 100 Careers List?

Welcome to PharmacyWeek’s Blog,

‘Tis the season to create lists: The best albums of 2010 list, the most memorable moments of 2010 list and the lists go on and on. Here’s a surprising list that pharmacists didn’t make this year: The Top 100 Best Jobs in America.

The list, which was compiled by and, rated the top 100 careers with great pay and growth prospects. Last year pharmacists made the cut at #13, so it’s surprising that this year pharmacists are nowhere to be found. As we already found out from Mercer’s Fall 2010 Pharmacy Compensation Survey, salaries aren’t to blame since they are only on the rise. So one can only assume that job growth prospects must be the reason pharmacists didn’t make the list.

But if you’re looking for a job in pharmacy, don’t despair: Employment recruiters are expected to see a 28 percent job growth over the next 10 years. This means that more companies are bringing on recruiters to fulfill their hiring needs in the near future.

I can attest that at PharmacyWeek we are seeing several companies gearing up for future hiring needs. That is why we launched the career-long Concierge Service to help candidates stand out of the crowd. And I’m happy to say that in 2010 several candidates saw results and I expect 2011 to be an even better year.

What’s more is the fact that 2011 marks the first year that Baby Boomers begin to turn age 65, become eligible for Medicare and begin to retire in mass numbers. In fact, an average of 10,000 Americans will turn age 65 every day for the next 19 years. Not only will this mean more prescriptions will need to be filled, but also a large percentage of pharmacists will begin to retire and will need to be replaced. So even though pharmacists didn’t make the and’s list this year, I am placing my bet that they will surely be on the next year’s list, if not for the next 19 years to come.

Speaking of list and the beginning of a new year, have you double-checked your own list of your license(s) and certifications to make sure they are up to date? If not, it might be time to safeguard your credentials. After all, a simple mistake could not only cost your employer thousands of dollars, but also more importantly cost you your job. I’m pleased to announce that in the next 30 days, PharmacyWeek will be revealing its plans to make sure you never forget to update or misplace your credential information again. If you want to be among the first to know about this new credentialing software announcement, email me at

As always, I am open to helping you stay ahead of the game and discussing job related issues with you. I encourage you to contact me anytime by phone at (210) 872-6160 or by my email (above). Thanks and have a great week!

Kevin Mero


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