Is New Law Limiting Rx Transfers Good or Bad for Patients?

January 10, 2011

A new Ohio state law limits the times a prescription can be transferred between pharmacies to once a year. The new law went into effect Jan. 1.

The new restriction was approved in November by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy because of pharmacists’ concerns about paperwork and possible communication glitches that can endanger patients, Tim Benedict, the board’s assistant director, told the Associated Press.

PharmacyWeek wants your feedback: What do you think will be the pros and cons of this new law? Should other states adopt this law? Is the law too stringent for patients?


2 Comments → “Is New Law Limiting Rx Transfers Good or Bad for Patients?”

  1. Alan Slutsky 8 years ago  

    I don’t see why people need to transfer there rx as often as they do. We are to liberal with this currently. I think once per rx is sufficient if a person moves. But to shop around for conveinence because I am out and at xyz pharmacy and have been out for 1 week isn’t a reason to transfer the rx

  2. Dennis Bryan 8 years ago  

    It is a good law. Until the day when Electronic Health Record’s are fully in place, it is best to have access to be able to view an entire patient record. For a patient to pharmacy shop, especially to play coupon ping pong with there prescriptions, it is in their best interest to have someone watching out for them. After all, is it not our obligation to “protect the public.” We as a profession need to do more than just fill prescriptions, we need to be clinicians. To be “pharmacist clinician’s” means we need access to a patient’s whole medical record, not just the one that is the flavor of the day.