11/18/10 Pharmacy News Round-up

November 18, 2010

Here are the top 3 pharmacy news stories today, as selected by the PharmacyWeek staff:

New law stops thousands of pseudoephedrine buysIowa pharmacies have blocked thousands of pseudoephedrine purchases since a computerized tracking system went into effect Sept. 1, state officials say. (DesMoinesRegister.com)

Discount drug card will aid city, lower prescription costsPhoenix to get share of profit from stores when cards are used. Phoenix is joining six other cities in the nation to distribute a prescription-drug discount card that not only can save customers up to 65 percent on medications but can also funnel money into city coffers. (The Arizona Republic)

New Dressing Turns Color to Indicate InfectionWhether a small cut with a knife, a surgical wound or a major injury caused by a fall – the body’s defense and repair system leaps into action and tries to close the wound as quickly as possible. Small injuries usually heal within a few days, but a gaping wound will take longer to heal, and an infection can take hold even after several days. Dressings protect the site of the injury but to check the wound they have to be removed. This can be painful for the patient and moreover it risks giving germs the chance to enter and cause infection. (Infection Control Today)

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